Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DC Could Host World Cup 2022 Games

RFK Stadium
In less than two weeks, we will know if the United States has submitted a successful bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. FIFA will decide the hosts the 2018 tournament at that time as well, but he U.S. is only bidding for 2022.

There is even a watch party for the selection announcement at the Newseum. That's Dec 2, 2010 at 9:00am. And its free.

If the U.S. is selected, Washington, DC will be one of 18 cities slated to host matches. (Included on that list are fellow NE cities Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.) As the nation's capital we're angling to host --at least-- the first and last games of the World Cup.

I would love for the WC tourney to come to DC, but I know that the venue would likely be FedEx Field, located in suburban Maryland. RFK Stadium --adjacent to the Anacostia River in DC-- is a storied venue with a solid soccer history, but seats nearly 45,000 less than FedEx Field. And it is a quarter century older. It shows. U.S. officials didn't even include RFK on an  FIFA visit related to our bid earlier this year. 

I'll be happy if we get the Cup again, where ever the games are played. Honestly, I'll be gladly take the Blue Line out to Prince George's County and walk that mile to the stadium, if I could get a ticket. Or even take MARC to M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. As much as I love watching the Cup on TV, I'd go bananas at a live event! 

As for the viewing party this December, I don't know. I tend to jinx these type of events. It's all fun and games until they announce that the other guy one. So,we'll see. We'll see. Fingers crossed!