Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lunch: Pitango Gelato

P Street location
Gelato doesn't technically count as lunch. Right?  

A lot of gelato is dairy based. But, luckily the sorbet kind is usually vegan! And Pitango Gelato serves it up pretty good.

Ever heard of quince? Oh, you have. Well... I had never heard of it until I walked into Pitango last week. It's an apple-like fruit that makes a fine tasting sorbet. It's just one of many vegan sorbet treats sold at Pitango. They make a sick strawberry sorbet that I combine with their chocolate noir to make what can accurately be described as edible felicity. Makes you not care that you haven't really had lunch. My other favorites are concord grape and raspberry. That's all I have to say really. Too bad summer is over. 

If you find yourself in PQ on a warm late-fall day, hit up the Pitango on 7th St NW between D and E.

Have any DC vegan recommendations or places you love? Let me know @The42BusDC.