Friday, November 12, 2010

Smash Records Moving Downstairs

Soon to be home to thousands of records, tapes and CDs
DC institution Smash Records, is making a move. But not too far. Smash is moving downstairs in its current building, 2314 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan. Smash first opened in Georgetown way back in 1984. But, that location closed in 2006 and the store reopened a year later in Adams Morgan. The closing of Salon De Couture created an opportunity for Smash to move to the more visible downstairs space and they went for it (you can still see the salon's logo on the floor in this photo).

The second floor space has been good to Smash which sells classic and new punk and indie records (actually multiple genres), used CDs, even some tapes and DVDs. Plus, they have a well deserved reputation for keeping a stellar clothing collection. Of course there are band t-shirts, but in addition there are vintage and locally designed clothes. And, yes, there are clothes for the dudes. If you ever see me in the Vanderbilt blue utility jacket, yep, I got it from Smash about two years ago. Actually, you could get a whole outfit there; they have a huge selection of shoes and boots + other accessories like sunglasses, armbands, buttons etc.

But, the primary focus is music. The new space was being painted when I stopped by this week. The color scheme is inspired by the cover art for the punk classic Never Mind the Bullocks Here's the Sex Pistols. Pretty cool! The space is approximately the same size as the space upstairs, maybe sliiiiighlty smaller and obviously sans balcony. All of the current product will be moved downstairs an they'll include a dressing room, too. The layout isn't quite finalized at this point. 

Look for the new Smash by December 1 at the latest! Good luck guys!