Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coming Soon to Adams Morgan... More Karaoke

Muzette is located at the corner of 18th Street and Kalorama NW. When it opens it will be the latest karaoke bar in AM, following in the footsteps of the in/famous Peyote Cafe. I used to do karaoke at Millie and Al's, but that was years ago!

In all fairness, it will be a restaurant, too. There are a few well known Korean restaurants in DC, Mount Pleasant's own Adam Express among them, and it'll be nice to have someone presenting a fresh approach via Muzette in Adams Morgan. Wondering what the restaurant-bar-karaoke split will be. 

Not so unbelievable: Muzette, somehow already has a glowing review on that terrible sham of a website yelp--even though it has yet to open or operate. Amazing. Anyway, can't hold that against them. I look forward to much bad singing and good partying at this place, which was most recently a pool hall (r.i.p. Kokopoolis!). Muzette's address is 2305 18th Street NW, basement level.