Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do You Tattoo?

"New" Tattoo Paradise location in Adams Morgan
Ursula reminded me to write up the move of Tattoo Paradise. I had planned to do this last summer, but forgot!

The Adams Morgan shop inhabited a basement space on 18th Street for 6+ years before moving across the street into much larger store front. The new shop is on the first floor at 2444 18th St NW, formerly Kobos African Clothier.

Unfortunately I did not get to experience last weekend's DC Tattoo Convention. However, I did get a great piece of work at Tattoo Paradise recently. It's healing as I write this. I tend to find a decent shop and stick with it and have to give crazy props to Tattoo Paradise. Four of their artists, past and present, have gotten my business and will again. And yes, there are other great shops in the DC area. Props to those artists as well.

Growing up in Richmond VA, (supposedly 3rd most tattooed city in the US) almost all of my friends were tattooed, at least a little. And many were tattooed all over. No big deal. Lots of great shops and artists in that town. And if you lived in the Fan neighborhood or downtown, you could most likely walk to one. When I moved to DC, the scene was much different. Definitely had to search out the kids with tattoos and the kids who gave them. They weren't just, you know, everywhere, as they are in RVA. And some here aren't so excited about tattoos or seeing them on you.

Whether barista or banker, do you feel they are accepted in your workplace (even if the tattoo isn't readily visible)? And let me know of your fave shop in the DC area.