Thursday, February 24, 2011

Puppet Underground: Flying Donkey Cabaret

The Flying Donkey Cabaret. A mouthful of words, and a familiar group is behind the performance. DC's Puppet Underground has previously performed in Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights; and they are back with a new show. 

This show is tonight! It's being held across the street from Mount Pleasant at the Trinity AME Zion Church (Oak and 16th Sts NW). 8:00pm. There is a sliding scale donation, $5-$15.

Puppet Underground can describe the show much better than I can summarize it so here you go:

"An Evening of Impossible Cardboard & Brass Entertainments brought to you by an illustrious band of traveling puppeteers; a roadshow of puppets, music & genuine good old times featuring lifesize dancing donkeys, a junky trombone, drum & fiddle ensemble & lo fi picture shows of all sorts!

Come see some of our favoritest puppeteers from around the country! We have:

The Dolly Wagglers from Portland, Maine, bringing a freshlowbrow crudeness to the world of puppetry, with cardboard operettas, crankyshows (low-tech scrolling pictures) and cantastorias painted on the dirty sheets of America.

And Federica Collina originally from Italy but now from every armpit of America she can find. Traveling and touring for the last 4 years, she has worked with every activist puppet theater this side of the Mississippi. She must have learned something by now. 

And Jason Hicks from Brooklyn who is a puppeteer with a horn. Or so we're told.

Plus a gargantuan itinerant Cheap Art exhibit and store! 

We'll see you there! 
If you'd like to contact us about this event, email Janelle -- janellevyn at gmail dot com"