Friday, March 4, 2011

Mount Pleasant's Secret History

One of the bonus features of the Mount Pleasant Temporium has been excellent programming. Plays, classes and workshops have added another dimension to the retail space at 3068 Mt Pleasant Street. 

Tomorrow Radio CPR continues the trend with a Mt P-based workshop that will actually take you into the neighborhood; much more than a simple presentation. This sounds awesome! The sign up page is here. Oh yeah, it's free! From the organizers:

Audio Story Telling Class
Saturday March 5th 3:00PM-6:00PM
The Mt Pleasant Temporium: 3068 Mt Pleasant St NW

The prevailing stories about Mount Pleasant often give a simplistic version of this dynamic neighborhood. Go beneath the radar with Radio CPR and uncover some of the neighborhood's secret histories and hidden gems.

Learn the basics of audio recording and interviewing, then go out into the field with CPR DJs to collect Mount Pleasant stories.

FREE. Space limited. To sign up go here

and... stay tuned for part II of our Hidden Histories Series:

Secret History Showcase
Thursday March 10th 6:30PM-8:30PM
Don Juan Restaurant (1660 Lamont St NW, corner of Mt Pleasant and Lamont Sts)

Listen to stories about some of the movements, projects and organization born in Mount Pleasant from those who lived them: Escuela de Rumba, Neighbors Consejo, 90s punk rock, Radio CPR, Centro d’Arte, La Casa, the Blue Sky Collective