Monday, March 28, 2011

New 7-Eleven in Adams Morgan; Previously Popeye's

The 1700 block of Columbia Rd NW has been changing constantly over the course of the last three years. Safeway completed a significant renovation, Ritmo Latino closed, replaced by T-Mobile. Body Basics and Popeye's closed, and until now neither has been replaced.  And a large CVS opened, replacing a smaller store just a block away.

Soon another national chain will join the mix. 7-Eleven is opening in the space formerly occupied by Popeye's Chicken; 1755 Columbia Rd NW. There is currently a 7-Eleven in Adams Morgan, but it's closer to Dupont, way down at 19th and Wyoming. No details on when the new store will open, but the interior is pretty much complete; everything expect for the product. I can't imagine they'll close the Wyoming or Mount Pleasant stores. Anyway, there you go. Slow news day. 

Also, major props and congratulations to VCU --Virgina Commonwealth University-- Rams men's basketball team. They beat Kansas and a bunch of other great teams to get to the Final Four. My hometown team and alma mater. Go Rams!