Monday, May 2, 2011

Flying Fish Coffee & Tea Opens

Great neighborhood news this weekend: Mount Pleasant now has a new coffee shop! Flying Fish Coffee & Tea opened its doors to the general public on Saturday morning and was snagging passers-by as well as those eagerly awaiting this moment, like myself. This isn't a review, just a notice! 

They're new, but the product that I'm most interested in is pretty basic: a good hand-poured coffee. When fully stocked, they'll have teas and other coffee drinks like iced coffee, lattes, cappuccino, chai and more. But during a visit on Saturday afternoon I found myself at a nice wooden table enjoying an Indonesian coffee in a cute Flying Fish mug with a cool demitasse spoon holder on the side. Good show, good show. Very homey feel and nice staff & owner. 

I'm not the read-a-Kindle-and-lounge type, but you can do that here if you like. I believe they offer free wifi as of yesterday as well, if you're into that sort of thing. Two plush looking arm chairs look right out onto Mount Pleasant Street. And a number of two-tops join a small wooden community-like table inside the narrow storefront at 3064 Mount Pleasant St NW. 3064 was formerly home to the Express Business Center. As of today, Flying Fish is open 7-7 on weekdays, 8-8 on Saturdays and 8-7 on Sundays.

The other Mount Pleasant spots I go to for coffee are Dos Gringos and Heller's Bakery.

I want this place to succeed and help make our main street more lively. It joins Ercilia's Frugalista, Mayflower, Golden Scissors, Nana, 24 HR Laundromat and Mt Pleasant Auto Repair to form a nice first impression as an entrance into our fair village. Not one empty storefront on that block, the 3000 block of Mount Pleasant. Pretty neat. Count on seeing me there again, soon. Good luck Flying Fish!