Thursday, August 11, 2011

District Residents May Get First Look at King Memorial

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News broke yesterday that District residents will get a chance to tour the new Martin Luther King Jr memorial before most of the rest of the country does. The opening festivities and dedication are on August 28. But, the anticipated public opening of the grounds is August 22. Details are yet to be released, but some D.C. residents will supposedly get (through lottery?) a guided tour of the newest major memorial on the National Mall on the 23rd. That is fantastic news.

The King Memorial is located in quite the spot; directly in the line of sight between John Russell Pope's Thomas Jefferson Memorial and Henry Bacon's iconic Lincoln Memorial. (Also adjacent to F.D.R.'s expansive memorial) King's will be the first major memorial on the Mall to honor an African-American as well as a non-President. I'll update this post when and if I am made aware of the procedures for obtaining a D.C. resident tour.