Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Uno Express, Baja Fresh Express, Canyons Burger to Judiciary Square

Baja Fresh Express, Uno Express and Canyons Burger Company are taking up residence in the District's One Judiciary Square building; address 441 4th St NW. The cafeteria-like space, which will house the three restaurants, is on the northwest corner of the building and looks as if it will remain open to the general public after reopening. There is currently a Firehook bakery at the other end of One Judiciary Square.

These are not stand alone stores. In this location, they're adopting the "quick serve" format. Quick serve locations typically have an abbreviated menu and smaller, franchised stores in settings such as food courts, malls and airports.

Baja Fresh Express and Canyons are part of the same company. The former specializes in a Cali-Mex, with pretty good burritos and tacos (including a salsa bar); and the latter in burgers, naturally. Canyons does have a veggie black bean burger on the menu. I hope the salsa bar and veggie burger stay on in this quick serve format. Uno Express is a modified version of the Chicago pizzeria.

I'm guessing if you work in Judiciary Square, you lunch on 7th St, Indiana Ave or at Union Station. In the end, more choices for a part of town with many federal and District workers, but limited lunch options.

One Judiciary Square