Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Fun Post: 90s Redux

About, oh, 10 or 11 years ago I drove from Richmond, VA to Binghamton, NY to visit some wonderful people I'd met a few months before. I stayed over a week, taking trips to Ithaca, Syracuse and seeing Vestal Johnson City and enjoying New York state to the fullest. This was before I had an mp3 player --or probably even heard on one-- so I relied on tapes (yeah, cassettes) and CDs to keep me occupied and happy on the drive. One of the CD's I'd recently got a hold of was Things Fall Apart by The Roots. I'm pretty sure I just listened to that on repeat the entire ride. Coming and going. It was and is a landmark album; for me personally. From that very same album, here's "You Got Me" by The Roots, with and assist from the amazing Erykah Badu. Have a great weekend.