Monday, October 17, 2011

Irish Whiskey Coming to Dupont

Am I a fan of Irish whiskey? Yes. Not a connoisseur, but a fan. But then only sometimes. It's an acquired taste. And depending on when you drink it over the course of an evening, it can put you to sleep or set you on a course of who-knows-what's-next.  OK, really, I only know one Irish whiskey and it's very common. Probably available in every bar in DC. Starts with a J, ends with an N. 

Maybe this place will teach me about the good (better) varieties.

Irish Whiskey Public House is slated to open this fall in Dupont at 1207 19th St NW. The newly painted bright green building is across the street from Mai Thai & the old Sam & Harry's. No menu that I have found, but lunch and dinner appear to be a part of the mix. This will be a restaurant and bar, not a tavern. No details on an exact opening date, but I'll pass it along as soon as I know. 

If you  have tips about other openings or questions/comments email or connect via Twitter @The42BusDC.