Friday, December 16, 2011

Ottomania Returns to Zeba Bar

Ottomanina --Balkan themed dance party-- is returning to Zeba Bar on Saturday night, this time with a Bhangra twist.  Take advantage of our great late fall fairly mild weather and get out to this party! Have a great weekend!

From the organizers:

A Transglobal Balkanic danceparty eruption.
Special Balkan meets Bhangra edition.

Balkan Brass//Gypsy Punk//Bhangra Funk//TurboFolk//TurboRagga//Bolly Surf// Balkan Dub & Club//Urban Desi//TamilTablaRock Ottomania:: 
++A bouncy mezze of underground dance music from & influenced by Balkan countries from Bosnia to Greece and don't forget Turkey.
This time with a stop through the Punjab

Brought to you by DJs:
Inda Nile/ dj trash
vANNIEty Kills
and special guest
dj meat hook

Saturday December 17th
Zeba Bar (Babushka's fave new neighborhood spot) 
2 charming levels- 3 bars--Gorgeous Balkan back patio--delicious dancefloor
3423 14th Street NW (Newton and 14th St) //Columbia Heights metro
10pm-3am // +Super Free+