Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bluebrain's New Boombox Walk This Weekend

Our friends Bluebrain are back in the District fresh off of their very successful launch of an iPhone application for New York's Central Park. This time, they've secured one of DC's best indoor spaces for a third and final boombox walk. U.S. Botanical Garden sits at the foot of Capitol Hill, just west of the Capitol Building. One of my favorite places in DC! It's criminally under-appreciated, in my opinion. Well, this is the site of the the walk for this Saturday January 14. It's free, of course.

This is how it works: Several tracks composed by Bluebrain are distributed to you (and everyone else who shows up) and loaded onto your boombox -- via CD, cassette or mp3. Then, after starting the tracks in sync, the group will traverse the walkways of the Botanical Garden creating a symphony of music along the way. Very, very cool! Please RSVP ( if you'd like to be a part of this! Here are the details from Bluebrain:

"Bluebrain & The US Botanic Garden present

Final Boombox Walk
January 14th at 3 PM Sharp
Free Event
US Botanical Garden -- 100 Maryland Ave SW Washington DC
Original music composed by Bluebrain
RSVP and tell us your preferred format (cassette, CD or MP3)

Bring a portable cassette, CD or iPod enabled music device to the indoor conservatory courtyard of the Botanic Garden (located next to the Capitol building on the National Mall). PLEASE RSVP BY EMAIL ( & TELL US WHAT KIND OF DEVICE YOU WILL HAVE (this way, we can create enough cassettes, CD's or email you an MP3).

Thank you to all those who've come to one or  both boombox walks -- or any other Bluebrain events since we started this three years ago. Let's make this the biggest sounding one yet.

For more information: