Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vegan Lunch: Trucks Edition

You know I'm always looking for all vegetarian lunch options. Heck, all vegetarian options at every meal. Lunching vegan in downtown DC has gotten easier over time, but after 10 years, yeah, you're always looking for something new. The food trucks are a big help. Shout out to two food trucks I've visited recently which each serve a quality all vegetarian meal for under $10. 

DC Ballers has a pretty simple menu featuring falafel and fries. Wow, they make crazy good fries. And very good falafel pita. Standard hummus and tahini dressings with pickled cabbage and tabbouleh. There is a reasonable wait, considering they cook to order. (And I don't count calories, heh.) DC Ballers --get it, falafel balls-- offers various dipping sauces for the fries, but I like them straight up, or with just a bit of ketchup. Plain falafel and fries comes in at $8.50.

Chupacabra DC serves tacos. Plain and simple. Well, the tacos aren't plain, but the concept is. They seem to have a variety of vegan options, but I've only had the black bean taco with carrots and pickled cucumber salad. The salsa was awesome (I think it was roasted tomato) and I also added pico de gallo. $3 x 3 tacos = lunch for only $9. Let's be honest, that's a deal. The best part is that they label the vegan tacos on the menu. I'll try to write up more of these trucks as I come by them.