Friday, June 15, 2012

Joint Custody: Adams Morgan Gem

Joint Custody 2337 18th St NW

If you haven't been to Joint Custody in Adams Morgan, you're missing out. This terrace level store in Adams Morgan opened last September and very may well have the best combination of records, vintage clothes (ladies and gents), and sweet 80s band t-shirts in the city.

Joint Custody is located below Pharmacy Bar at 2337 18th St NW. This is a place for the nuanced record collector, but also, any general fan of music. They have rock (70s, 80s, 90s, 00s), punk, soul, hardcore, jazz, blues, hip hop and stuff I've never heard of. The music seems to be #1 here, but clothing takes almost equal billing. I don't know where the owners find some of this stuff, but many of the shirts are vintage 80s tour and band t-shirts; somehow still in near-mint condition. (Check out my latest buy below, Bryan Adams. Into the Fire Tour. '87. Yeah. Booya.) Add to that a quirky selection of shoes & boots and a rather curated collection of sports jerseys, hats and shirts -- Think old school Stacy Augmon and Mark Aguirre jerseys. Pretty awesome. 

Joint Custody is having a $3 record sale this Saturday starting at noon. All records they display outside on the walk are $3. Multi-genre and they promise a very good selection. For all the people who want more retail in Adams Morgan: here you go. Support this place. And more places like this in DC! Have a great weekend.

photo courtesy Joint Custody
So awesome.
B Adams. '87