Friday, August 3, 2012

YO! Sushi is Fun, Veg Friendly

YO! Sushi opened its first American restaurant last week right here in DC. The Union Station location is on the main concourse in busy West Hall near Chipotle, Potbelly, Chop't, and the also just-opened Roti. YO! is a self-serve sushi place, at which you literally grab your desired dish from a moving conveyor belt. Diners can also order from a fairly extensive menu via a server. 

There's a good mix of hot prepared food, sushi, maki, soups, and appetizers. Each dish is served in a color coded bowl or plate. When you're done, the server counts up the total and dispenses your bill seat-side. Some plates are as low as $2.50. Great place for an in-and-out, affordable lunch.

Also, there is a ton of vegetarian food. Lots of vegetable maki, veggie yakisoba, tempura, miso, and others I haven't had a chance to try. YO! has a breakout guide with more nutritional info. So, vegans can easily see what's safe to order (plenty!). FYI -- oddly the avocado roll, veggie hand roll, and inari are not vegan.

As much as I love the Union Station location, a planned location at 7th and H NW may be even more convenient; and busier. Looking forward to it.