Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Petco Will Fill Last Large DCUSA Space

DCUSA : 3100 14th St NW
The dreams of an indie, vegan friendly, organic grocery opening just two blocks from Mount Pleasant are officially dead. They actually had been for some time, but the impending arrival of Petco to the 15,000 square foot space in Columbia Heights' DCUSA development put the nail in the coffin. DCUSA is a very large (890,000 sq feet) retail development at the corner of 14th and Irving Sts NW. It opened in March 2008.

Petco was an original, planned tenant of DCUSA. The pet supply retail store was first slated for space 115, which is now half empty and half filled by The Children's Place clothing store. Petco will now occupy space 125, under the DSW shoe store. Space 125 was originally assigned to Whole Foods, then in October 2008, set aside for Ellwood Thompson's, a Richmond, VA based grocery. However, Ellwoods never did open a store in the District. They eventually opened a very similar store in Rockville, MD, named Dawson's Market.

Petco location at corner of  Hiatt Pl and Irving St NW