Monday, March 11, 2013

New Restaurants Open in Dupont, Mt Pleasant

Residents and foodies in Dupont and Mount Pleasant have a few new choices for dining out in their respective neighborhoods.

Beau Thai opened on February 23 at 3162 Mount Pleasant St NW. The old Super Save and temporary library space has been converted into a modern restaurant including a long, fully stocked bar and in the back, a small, separate private dining room. The main space is open and gets a fair amount of sunlight, which makes for a neat dining experience. Try the vegetarian drunken noodle.

I hadn't heard of Mari Vanna, the Russian restaurant on Connecticut Avenue. But, it's a big deal for fans of Russian cuisine in the District. There are six of the renowned restaurants in the world, half in the U.S. (NY, DC, LA). Can't say I'm too knowledgeable about Russian eats, but there has been a buzz about this place since well before it opened this January. It's the largest of the six locations with three very impressively appointed floors. Mari Vanna is located at 1141 Connecticut Ave NW.

A combination I had never thought to make real --even before I was vegetarian and vegan-- was doughnuts and chicken. How can the two occupy the same sentence, let alone plate. But, GBD (golden, brown, delicious) plans to specialize in just those two. They will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in 1323 Connecticut Ave NW - just recently a Yola fresh yogurt bar. GBD has hosted a few pop-ups and the doughnuts have gotten good reviews. They look close to opening, but no hard date as far as I know.