Monday, April 22, 2013

Marie Reed Gifted a New Soccer Field

Marie Reed's new field was gifted by City Soccer in the Community.
Marie Reed Elementary School in Adams Morgan is receiving a much needed gift. The school's lower athletic field at the corner of California St and Florida Ave NW is being revamped into a proper soccer pitch.

A non-profit, City Soccer in the Community, is financing the new facility as part of a broader effort happening across five American cities (DC, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, New York). City Soccer in the Community was formed by the Manchester City Football Club and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington DC. Their mission is to get young people in American cities to play soccer.

As part of the deal, the District will replace the crude wooden bleachers on the edges of the field, which are in pretty bad shape as is. The soccer field will be 60 yards by 40 yards, use artificial turf and should be ready by August of this year. Such cool news!
The current state of the field is... not good.
The city will replace the wooden bleachers as well.