Monday, June 10, 2013

I Love Toronto: A Photo Essay

I recently vacationed in Toronto, Ontario and just loved it. Here's why, in photos.
It's huge. With 2.8 million residents, it's the 4th largest on the continent, behind only Mexico City, NYC and LA.
They have bike sharing. Same infrastructure as DC's system. Same bikes, too.
Diverse economy: finance, arts, sports, tourism, education. Diverse people: 2/5 residents are foreign born.
It's close. Flight time from DCA is just 58 minutes.
So. Much. Vegan. Food.
I mean, everywhere: I ate at Urban Herbivore, Sadie's, Karine's, Kupfert & Kim, Fresh, a few others.
Toronto Islands. Very cool and quiet spot in Lake Ontario.
Subway trains run 2-5 minutes, except on weekends when you have to wait the whole 5 minutes. For real.
TTC Metro puts DC Metro to shame. Here, an articulated train with no need for interior doors.
The street car system is the real gem though. Even more so than the subway. Take notes DC.
Great in town neighborhoods like Kensington Market. Lots of  street art, much of it government sanctioned.
This is what happens to cars in Kensington Market.
They have an an established Chinatown.
Queen Street is a microcosm of the city. You get a bit of everything as you traverse east and west from downtown.
Just a cool, cool, town. I will be back! Thanks TO.