Monday, September 9, 2013

Adams Morgan Day 2013: A Photo Essay

The 35th Annual Adams Morgan Day Festival is in the books. This was my 10th, and they do start to feel the same after a while. But hey, Adams Morgan changes so much, almost daily. And I love watching people, eating good food, and listening to music. So, I will ALWAYS go back. 

Is it me, or was attendance was down this year? Yes, there were crowded sidewalks, lines for food, and tall people standing in front of you while you tried to watch the music.... but.... didn't it did feel a little more.... "relaxed?" Not that decreased attendance was a bad thing; nothing wrong with a bit more elbow room.

My pie in the sky wish for next year: open container permit. HA.Yeah, not happening. But, wouldn't that be cool, to be able to walk around with an adult beverage. Anyway, here are some photos.

18th Street NW. No cars + food + happy people + nice weather = Awesome.
RIP : The Reef. Just a shame. 
"Best Named Booth" goes to.... 
There were several new vegan food stands. I was pleasantly surprised.
Jyoti has been doing the vegan/veggie thing for years.
Yes, there were some talented karaoke singers...
But these folks killed it.
And they were good, too.
Live painting demonstrations.
This one was cool.
Started off overcast (AND HOT).
Ended up sunny (AND HOT).
Another Adams Morgan Day helps us flip the switch from summer to fall.
See you in '14!