Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Festival in Lamont Park + Celebrating Radio CPR

I've been a huge fan of Radio CPR --Community Powered Radio-- since moving to Mount Pleasant over 10 years ago. They play the music (and other shows) I want to hear; in an area where corporate over-the-air radio is untenable and college radio mostly unavailable. Want to hear them? It's 97.5 on the FM radio dial. For a blast from the (recent) past, there's also a CD of local musicians featured on CPR available from Dischord Records.

Radio CPR is celebrating 15 years (!) by hosting a Día de los Muertos festival this Saturday, November 2, at Lamont Park. This is happening post-farmers' market; from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM. Sounds awesome!

From the organizers:

Join Radio CPR for a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Festival in Lamont Park, Mt. Pleasant. Festivities include music, poetry, performances, beat-making workshop and arts and crafts.

Don't miss the Kick-Off Procession at 3:45 pm lead by Paso Nuevo, GALA Hispanic Theatre's youth group, and a bilingual theater performances & poetry by Quique Aviles and Alina Collins.

Live Music Performances By:
- Anexo Social
- Rumisonko
- Lilo Gonzales
- Luci Murphy
- Franko Jazz

AND Resident Radio CPR DJs
DJ Maestra
DJ Mezkla
DJ Wanako

Celebrate 15 years of Community Powered Radio with Radio CPR and friends, empowering the whole neighborhood to find its creative side. As we move into the future, we remember the past and the spirits of those who have come before us. Put on your dancing shoes and recycle that Halloween costume for a spectacular extravaganza!