Monday, February 3, 2014

Washington Auto Show 2014: A Photo Essay

The downside to these car shows is that form year to year, they don't seem to change very much. I think I had 95% of the 2013 car show experience in 2014. And the 5% wasn't much to write home about. There was the usual mix of predictable and mostly big, boring domestic pick up trucks, a large dose of high end, expensive foreign cars, and "why isn't this available now" concepts. Basically: practical cars the average person could very well end up buying vs colorful eye candy for the few who can afford vs "absolutely no one has this yet because this is the only one."

All that being said, for someone who hasn't owned a car in a dozen years or so (RIP trusty 4-door '93 Cavalier), I did get a kick of seeing the concept cars at the massive Washington Auto Show. The show was held last week at the Walter Washington Convention Center. Here's what caught my eye.

There were two exhibit halls. I always forget that the lower one is basically underground. So weird.
This car is made for surviving winning the zombie apocalypse.
So, Airstream is still a thing. And still awesome. This touring coach had a kitchen, real shower/restroom, tvs, and a bed
One of the many all-electric cars scheduled to be released this year. No gas reserve on this one.
Smart Car is not new, but I love how tiny it is. However.....
...this thing was FOR REAL TINY. It's a concept electric one-seater with a range of only 31 miles per charge.
A fuel cell concept that is one year form production. Converts hydrogen into electricity and water. No gas, no plug-in.
When I hear "exotic foreign car," this is sort of what I think of. This is a $68,000 Lotus from the UK.
There were some older cars, too. This one was for sale.
Someone painted this truck with Navy Seals.
People stood in line to ride in a Jeep around an oval dirt track. Still unclear about the appeal of this one.
I was glad to see Metro there. This hybrid electric bus was a huge hit with the kids.

Peeked outside to check on the Marriott Marquis (left). Yep, still there.