Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Fun Post: Marriott Marquis

The District's largest hotel opened yesterday. In a bid to redirect conventions and their blocks of hotel room bookings back into DC --from National Harbor-- the District worked a deal with Marriott to build a massive hotel next to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. DC ended up contributing $206,000,000 to this project, 40% of the budgeted cost; $520,000,000. So, if you live in DC, this hotel is almost half yours!

The Marriott Marquis is located at 901 Massachusetts Avenue NW. It's one of only five Marquis properties in the U.S. and has 1,175 rooms, including 49 suites. That makes it DC's largest hotel. It is also just plain BIG, with 14 above ground floors of guest rooms and 4 below ground floors of meeting space. It also has an underground, direct connection to the Convention Center. Here are a few photos. Have a great weekend!
901 Mass Ave NW

Walk to the Convention Center from the underground floors.
The Dignitary, a bourbon bar, is one of three bars on the first floor. 

Local neighborhood names for the meeting rooms...
Overlooking the first floor bar area.
"Birth of the American Flag," a sculpture by Rodney Carroll

Down, down, down...
Outside seating.