Wednesday, May 7, 2014

ShopHouse Opens, Pharmacy Bar Under New Ownership

ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen opened its seventh restaurant yesterday. This fast-casual, Asian themed, Chipotle spin-off is located at  710 7th Street NW near Chinatown. There are now three ShopHouse stores in DC, including the original in Dupont, and another on M Street NW in Georgetown. There is one store in Bethesda and three more in southern California. ShopHouse is very vegan friendly, just check the clearly marked menu for the veggie nuance (like, green papaya salad is not vegetarian) in sauces and toppings. The staff is great as well. Goodbye lunch money!

*     *     *
Adams Morgan's Pharmacy Bar has been a bit of an oasis in the desert of sometimes undesirable imbibing locations present on 18th Street NW. After Asylum did a 180/transformation into Smoke & Barrel, Pharmacy was left as one of my personal go-to bars for friends' birthdays, know-everyone-there impromptu hang outs, and any basic no-hangups chill hangout with good people you know and love. Well, the bar isn't going away anytime soon, but it is about to be sold to new owners who will likely make changes that promise to transform it significantly. The Washington Post has a good write up here. Looking forward to seeing the changes. So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.