Monday, June 16, 2014

I Love Montreal: A Photo Essay

Montreal has a big city feel (1.65 million residents), but isn't overwhelming.
Like Toronto, they have bikeshare. But, Bixi Montreal has over 5,000 bikes, more than Toronto and DC combined. 
Excellent bike infrastructure. Many miles of protected, separated bike lanes.
Subway stations indicate where to stand on the platform. Daytime: trains arrived every 2-4 minutes; late-night: 5-6.
Aging Olympic structures are getting an overhaul, but still look like 1970s time capsules.
Olympic Stadium (where the Nationals played as the Expos) has a cool tower, though.
The MLS team has a soccer specific stadium.
I'm not a Habs fan, but RESPECT.
Atwater Market is one of many neighborhood markets for wholesale and retail food, flowers, gifts, etc.
I've never been to Europe, but I imagine parts of it look like this; Old Montreal.
Pop-up restaurants made of shipping containers. Very cool.
Lots of good coffee! Pikolo, Myriad, Tunnel Espresso, Resonance, more.
Vegan food everywhere. Aux Vivres, Invitation V, Yuan Vegetarien, Resonance Cafe, Resto Vego, Lola Rosa, and more.
What's a great vegan meal without dessert? This was one of the many great small businesses.