Thursday, September 18, 2014

Go Car Free on Monday

Monday September 22 is Car Free Day! Officially, it's the day on which people are encouraged to travel wherever they need to go without the use of a personal car. If possible you're urged to try busing, biking, walking, or riding in trains, carpools, vans, and other forms of transit. I mean, did anyone get that gondola thing up and running yet? Oh yeah, Portland. Because, of course.

To me, the day actually serves as a spot test for our communities and ourselves in regards to getting around without the need of a car. In DC so many of us already live without a need to own a car, or at least don't use them daily. 

In and around the District, the options are plenty: Walk, Bike, Local Bus, Metroway BRTMetrorail, MARC, VRE, Commuter Bus, and soon Streetcar. But, out of the 5+ million of us in the entire Washington region, most people rely on the auto to get to and from work, at least for part of the trip. This day is for them, too.

Pledge your Monday as car-free, even if you are car-free every day. If you pledge before COB Monday, you'll be entered into a raffle for prizes. Enjoy the day!