Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Johnny Pistolas Taqueria Opening in Adams Morgan

Carriage House had a run, but it was short. After just 16 months of operating in Adams Morgan, Carriage House is going the way of a Mexican taqueria. 

Johnny Pistolas is currently "building out" at 2333 18th St NW and hiring for cooks and other staff. A full menu is already available on their website, including a unique brunch, happy hour, and yes, Taco Tuesday (falafel tacos FTW). They've hit the ground running, having already set up a website and social media accounts. The furniture and decor of the bar (as represented on the website) look very similar to Carriage House, and I think that's a good thing: lots of wood, solid looking bar, a few lounge-y areas, and of course, patio seating. So, I hope they keep most of that as-is.

No word on an opening date, but as they are hiring key staff and not so much actually building out, just refreshing for a new look, I'm guessing sooner than later. Good luck Johnny Pistolas!