Monday, September 29, 2014

New Thai Restaurant Opens in Mount Pleasant

Zabver Thai has opened with limited hours and a flexible menu. The new restaurant is at 3211 Mount Pleasant Street NW, in the space formerly occupied by Adam Express. They opened their doors yesterday afternoon and plan to use this week to get settled, set up the point of sale & register system, test dishes, and interact with customers.  Until the grand opening --or at least the next few days-- bring cash if you want to buy food. They do have a fairly extensive menu of almost exclusively Thai dishes, but it is subject to, and probably will almost certainly change. You can go inside and peruse the current list of offerings, but for obvious reasons they don't have any takeaway menus yet. Again, this is subject to change, but for the preview period, they are opening each day from 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM.

The owners are very nice; it seems to be a family run business. I asked to see the vegetarian dishes, which there were some of. They mentioned several people had already come by asking about vegetarian and vegan dishes, which is great. Good job Mount P. I talked to the owner for about 15 minutes about veganism and what that means for food prep and whatnot. She was super awesome about listening and seems very responsive to hearing feedback from customers. So, here's your chance folks. Go visit and tell them what your favorite dish is; it may end up on the menu. 

As for the physical space, it's still small. Zabver did a major revamp and rebuild of the kitchen space. The front counter is very different looking than Adam Express' front area. And yesterday there was seating for 6, although it appears that they could fit a few more in with some rearranging.

I'm looking forward to the grand opening of this place. Good luck Zabver.