Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Meskerem is for Sale

Real estate website Urban Turf is reporting that the Meskerem Ethiopian restaurant in Adams Morgan is for sale. Specifically, the building itself (2434 18th St NW) is for sale by the owners, who also own and run the restaurant. 

Along with Habesha Market and Dukem, Meskerem is at the top of my personal list for Ethiopian food in the District. Another personal favorite, Fasika, also served Ethiopian food in Adams Morgan; right across the street from Meskerem. However, it closed in 2005 after a fire. It never reopened and was replaced by Grand Central, a bar and dance club. 

That makes me wonder about what will replace Meskerem. However, it's way too early to speculate because the building is still for sale. The Office of Tax and Revenue marks the 2014 assessment for tax purposes as $1,155,040 and the building is currently listed for sale at $2,200,000. The space is ready made for another restaurant. There are three floors, including a lower level and cool mezzanine overlook area in the back. It's listed as accommodating 183 seats and comes in at a sizable 3,649 square feet. 

I know it's probably not going anywhere anytime soon, but I'm already bummed. Another restaurant I like --with heavy vegan and vegetarian presence-- will give way to something unlikely to match it. Actually, I hope I'm proven wrong. I mean, I always hope that. But hey, a wiser feller than myself once said "sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you."