Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We Want a ________ to Replace the Bakery

I just want good coffee.
When Heller's Bakery closed late last year, a lot of us immediately skipped from mourning to anticipation about what would replace the bakery, located at the northern end of the Mount Pleasant commercial strip. I made a simple poll, with a fairly narrow set of responses, to see what what was on your minds.

84 people voted in the now closed poll, and the winner is.... BAKERY. That's not too much of a surprise. In real life, Twitter, and Facebook conversations, I've heard all sorts of feedback, but many people love the idea of having an updated, newer bakery in the neighborhood. I voted for casual restaurant. With the pending opening of Purple Patch, perhaps that need will be partially filled. If I knew anything about running a restaurant, I would clone/franchise Richmond's 821 Cafe and open up shop. Mmm. Mmm. So so good.

Leaving aside food service options, wouldn't it be great to have small arts or music venue here? La Casa hosts the occasional show and there are house shows with good music, but those are seasonal and tend to ebb and flow with the tenants of any one house (and whether school is in session). But, I'd love something like Bloombars or Hole in the Sky to have a presence in Mount Pleasant. And I have to mention the great events already being put on by Lamont Street Collective.

Heller's sits empty, with no indication that the space will be filled anytime soon. But, I don't anticipate the space staying empty for long. It's too big, in too great of a location, and in a neighborhood with a lot to offer. Thanks for taking the poll everyone.