Monday, June 15, 2015

Condos Could Replace Mount Pleasant Auto Repair

3054 Mount Pleasant St NW
Last week Urban Turf reported that the property currently home to Mount Pleasant Auto Repair could be converted into condos. The ANC 1D notes from May 26 seem indicate just that. If the property (3054 Mount Pleasant St NW) is sold to the prospective buyers, they plan to built a multi-unit condo building, including retail units. I'm guessing the retail won't be an auto repair shop, which we only have one of in the neighborhood.

That would be a big change for this block, which already has a mix of residential and retail, but has mostly retail frontage. Ercilia's, Flying Fish, Each Peach, Frugalista, and other businesses line the block near the busy corner of Irving and Mount Pleasant Streets. The west side of the block is dominated by single-story retail storefronts, so a multi-unit, multi-floor residential building would be somewhat of a departure. But, with only six units, this wouldn't be too big of an addition to the neighborhood. I'd count the closing of the only nearby auto repair shop as a loss, though.