Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Last True Big Box Bookstore Closing in DC

Washington City Paper is reporting that the Barnes & Noble book store at 555 12th St NW is closing its doors this December. after losing the lease. The move could be temporary, as the company is looking for another space. However, until that time when they find and open another store location, downtown DC will be free of big box, name book stores. However, there are still TONS of stores in which you can walk in, pick up a real book, read through it, and buy it on the spot. Among many more in DC, Idle Time, Kramerbooks, Potters House, Carpe Librum, and Second Story are all on the 42 bus route. As is the MLK Jr DC Public Library, which still lets you borrow books, even new ones, for two weeks at a time, no charge.