Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Wharf Development is Huge

The Wharf project in Southwest DC is just huge. I've been keeping up with it just lightly, reading news articles here and there. However, I had not quite seen it from this perspective before. Walking around Banneker Circle in SW, I stopped on the pedestrian bridge of I-395 (you can walk this to East Potomac Park island). It was just then that I saw how huge the project really is. 

All the requisite numbers: $2+ billion total cost for the entire project, 1,300+ residential units, 600+ hotel rooms, 3.2+ million sq ft of mixed use buildings, 4 piers, 500 boat slips, 2,500+ underground car parking spaces, 1,700+ bicycle parking spaces, plus more. In short, a huge project that is set to be delivered in phases, promising to alter the SW quadrant and the DC waterfront in general.