Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Photos: Smackdown

The WWE and its "B" show, Smackdown, came to the District last week. The World Wrestling Entertainment promotion usually visits DC 1-2 times per year, switching between the popular "A" show, Raw (aired live), Smackdown (which is taped and shown later), and occasionally a larger, live, pay-per-view event. 

I'd love to see more wrestling promotions in DC, especially smaller, international shows. BUT, since WWE was here, and I was gifted a sweet 2nd row seat for this show, of course I went! Good clean fun for the holidays. If you missed it --and almost everyone in the word did, because it aired on New Year's Eve-- here are the results.
Jack Swagger, the "Real American"
Two up. Two down..
Reigns enters.
Bo Dallas BOLIEVES (in himself).
Ambrose taunting.

"Get the tables!!!" [kids approve]