Friday, January 15, 2016

Remember Kanlaya?

The new office and retail building at 740 6th Street NW is no more remarkable than any of the other smaller buildings being constructed downtown... except for the fact that Kanlaya, one of my favorite Thai restaurants, was displaced for good to make way for the project.

Kanlaya, Burma, and a few other restaurants and small office tenants vacated the spaces that are now known as 740 Sixth, which is near Chinatown. They closed in the winter of 2013 because developers purchased and combined the structures that comprised 736 and 740 6th St NW. The new project will contain 17,000 square feet of office (top floors) and retail (1st floor). 

Here's how it looks now, looked then, and a rendering of how it will look when finished. RIP Kanlaya!

Rendering via Douglas Development