Wednesday, March 9, 2016

This is the End: #5

After 13+ years living in Mount Pleasant and 8+ years writing this website, this is the end

Until I get The X2 site is really up and running, I wanted to look back at some of the most memorable posts from the last eight years of writing The 42. 

Post #5 is from early 2011, but I'm not even sure I believe some of these anymore. I mean, cupcakes?

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You Are Very DC If....

First of all, this concept is being shamelessly ripped from my hometown alternative newspaper, Style Weekly. They have run a "You Are Very Richmond If..." column once a year for as long as I remember. So, to Style: I recall that old saying and hope you agree; "not suing me is the sincerest form of flattery."

Moving on, yeah, what are our major shared quirks? Bad drivers? Know-it-alls? Snow wimps? What about the good ones... Pretty smart all around? Opinionated? Super fit & healthy? Tolerant?

Whether you are born and raised or a post-college transplant, if these are true about you, you're can safely declare that you are a true Washingtonian. These are ours!

You are very DC if... always stand on the right and walk on the left, even at shopping malls and airports. care 100x more about what our crazy City Council is doing than what our crazy Congress is doing.
...your job doesn't exist outside of DC.'ve accepted that DC DMV has just one car inspection station for a city with more residents than an entire state.'ve heard 5 different stories explaining DC's height limit. know that PR at Partners is not in the business of public relations.
...the line outside of Ben's Chili Bowl does not apply to you. don't think twice about throwing down $30 for 8 cupcakes.
...Real Housewives of DC made you wonder how they got to use the letters "D" and "C" in the title.
...your Netflix queue has movies like The Fog of War and State of Play.

...there are dozens of really great exhibits you'll never see because you refuse to endure the National Mall.
...when you hear the word "motorcade" you think "OMG, the traffic!!!" instead of "OMG, the President!!!"
...a protest is a protest is a protest; you'll watch any from the office window. have at least two opinions on other people's opinions. have either an extreme love or an extreme hate for inauguration week, regardless of political party.

...right around September 1st, you start to think the Washington football team has a chance to win the Super Bowl.
...right around October 1st, you start to think they'll get it together for next year. love going to Nats games, but only if the Cubs or Red Sox are in town. you, the Capitals are Alex Ovechkin and everyone else. think the Wizards should go back to being the Bullets. consider Jazz in the Garden a BYOB event.'ve been ice skating at the city's other Dupont. know The Awakening's true home is Hains Point.
...DCA will always be Washington National to you.
...your favorite TV celebs are Jim Vance and Sue Palka.