Thursday, November 15, 2007


I surrendered to the hype and went to Chop't today. For lunch. Like everyone else. Cut to the chase: it was a quality experience; pricey, but quality. Unlike yesterday when this new addition to 7th St gave away free lunch, today was business as usual. I got a "custom crafted" salad, which just means I had to pick the ingredients. They also serve "chef designed" salads and wraps. I guess if I had to eat a wrap designed by someone, I'd want that someone to be a chef? Not sure who else is qualified to design wraps.

Anyway, the salad was huge and all the ingredients were very fresh. They are nice to the vegans. I ordered a salad with mesclun mix. To that I added broccoli, tomato, tortilla chips, avocado (+$.99) and smoked tofu (+$1.49). After adding an iced tea my total was $10.20. That's a lot for a salad. But the portion was so huge, I'm still not really all that hungry and its 7:45pm. OK, that's an exaggeration because I just drank a whole carton of Silk Nog. Still a hearty salad though. I can get lunch at "CalTor" (I didn't make that term up, by the way) for 5 bucks, so Chop't will have to be a nicety until I finally decide to start working for a for profit employer.