Monday, November 26, 2007


On a cold, cold, and windy night, we went in search of food. Something, new, fresh and in Adams Morgan. After giving the main strip a once over, we ventured down towards Florida Avenue and remembered that we've always wanted to stop at Yazuzu, but never made time. Well, the time was now (or then, I guess)...

Always mysterious to me, Yazuzu, in my mind, must have been a sleek new night club, or members only hangout for well informed insiders. The exterior sports a white and red abstract representation of the word Yazuzu. On the embedded television screen under the name is a movie, usually older, black and white, and nonsensical. The inside of the place will either wow or really annoy you. The walls are candy apple red broken up by neat, white televisions that hang from above and by the white seating and long table up against the northern wall.

The food is served cafeteria style and presented to you on a white, portioned plate by the extremely friendly staff. The workers there knew all about the vegans and were able to tell us with detail and authority which dishes were safe and which were not. I ordered the Zuzu I which provides for a choice of five sides for $10. Sort of like tapas I guess. I ordered the salatat shmandar, salatat batata, hindbeh, salatat malfouf, and mixed vegetables. Check the menu for explanations. Take my word for it, they mostly translate into "GOOD." Except for the mixed vegetables, which were a little bland and probably overcooked. But all the other flavors meshed and mixed together so well, I'd forgotten all about the cold, windy outside and the loud, unique decor inside. Glad we gave this place a chance, and I'll be back there sooner than later.