Thursday, January 17, 2008

Drop Rates and School Closings

Two quick news notes:

Number One: Kudos to Mayor Fenty and the Taxicab Commission. The Washington Post reports on some changes related to metered taxis, due to arrive this spring. They listened to citizen feedback and decided to lower the drop rate for the new taxi meters. The drop rate is the amount at which the meter starts at the beginning of a fare. Basically, the minimum charge. The initial drop rate was $4, making it unlikely that riders would realize any rate benefit from the old zone system. The new $3 drop rate is a little more reasonable. It makes short, 6 or 7 block trips possible. Fenty also stuck down the right of a cabbie to pick up additional fares on a ride, eliminated the rush hour surcharge, and reduced the snow emergency fee. I agree with all the decisions, although cab drivers may institute some strike days before the end.

Number Two: Tonight (Thursday), the city will host multiple hearings across the District on the school closing and reorganization plan. Parents an other residents can address the plan floated by Mayor Fenty and Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee. No schools in Mt Pleasant will be affected, but feel free to attend one of the meetings if you at all interested. Tubman Elementary (3101 13th St NW) is the closest hearing location to Mt Pleasant. The full list of meeting spaces is here. Should be an interesting night of discussions.