Wednesday, February 13, 2008

District Figures Big in National Primary Scene

After 2004's primary debacle, the District along with the Commonwealth and the Free State, captured the attention of the nation on Tuesday. Robust turnout, compelling party races, and plain old geeky political punditry combined to swing the spotlight onto the Mid-Atlantic; once again proving that alliteration can sell pretty much anything (Potomac Primary...?...tell that to the voters in Baltimore or Cumberland Gap). Still, it felt nice for just a night to see our little misshapen piece of territory known as the District of Columbia splashed across the nightly news shows. Who ever wins the Republican and Democratic nominations, we'll know we had a significant and much noticed roll in the process. Turns out being first isn't the only way to make a difference. We made news from coast to coast and even overseas. Good job DC, good job.

Coverage from:

The New York Times//Los Angeles Times//Chicago Tribune//Daily Telegraph (UK)//Au Fait (Morocco, French language)