Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hearings Today; Attempt to Change Voluntary Agreements

This morning, February 13, local board hearings will help decide the future of the restrictive voluntary agreements in Mount Pleasant; at least for two businesses. Don Jaime's and Haydees will be present in hearings before the Alcohol Beverage Control Board. The two businesses are attempting to nullify their current voluntary agreements (VAs). According to Hear Mount Pleasant, the attempt would be the first ever by a District licensee to terminate an active VA. Don Jaime's and Haydees are are currently in voluntary agreements with the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Alliance. The businesses are seeking to break out of the restrictive covenants and create new VAs with Hear Mount Pleasant, an organization also representing citizens of the neighborhood. The VAs are important because depending on how any given business reacts to and follows the rules laid out in the VA, the contracting neighborhood group and other citizens can determine, through protest with Alcohol Beverage Regulatory Administration, whether the business receives a coveted alcohol sales license.

The ABC board web site lists the Haydees hearing at 10:00am and the Don Jaime's hearing at 2:00pm. The hearings will be held at ABRA, 941 North Capitol Street, NE. Its near Union Station.

Interestingly, two other businesses on the 42 bus line will also have alcohol related hearings today: Angry Inch of Adams Morgan and the Szechuan Gallery Restaurant in Chinatown. The ABRA site didn't list the specifics of those hearings, but they don't seem to be VA related.