Sunday, March 9, 2008

Harris Teeter Opening April 23

Thanks to a tip from a reader and the Dupont Current. Harris Teeter has set a firm opening date for its Adams Morgan store; April 23. Some of the final hurdles involved legalities over alcohol sales. Harris Teeter won a recent ruling by the D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment. The ruling allows the grocery store to seek an alcohol license, a right disputed by some residents of the Reed-Cooke part of Adams Morgan, where the store resides. The Reed-Cooke Overlay District bylaws vaguely prohibited alcohol sales, but not in way specific enough to exclude a business like Harris Teeter, a grocery, from applying for a license. Harris Teeter wants to sell alcohol in order to maintain competitive balance with Safeway, located just blocks away on Columbia Road.

I'll be impressed if the April 23 date sticks.

Harris Teeter is located at the corner of 17th St and Kalorama Rd NW. Here's to an alternative to Safeway's mediocrity...