Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Meet a World Champion This Friday

James Hoffman, the current World Barista Champion is embarking on a mini-U.S. tour. He'll be in DC this Friday. Hoffman is teaming up with Counter Culture Coffee, located at 1826 Columbia Rd NW. At 10:00am they'll offer a cupping; its the coffee world's version of a wine tasting. A recent cupping in Durham included this listing under a Rwandan coffee--"Aftertaste: sweet, clean, beef broth, buttery." I've got to make out to one of these cuppings...

Later, Hoffman will present some of his barista skills (maybe to an audience of onlooking local baristas?), give a talk about his personal experiences and discuss "coffee as cuisine." Hmmm, never thought of the beverage in that way, but I like the idea. This second session starts at 7:00pm. The cupping and presentation are open to the public. You may want to RSVP before hand. If any of you attend , I'd like to hear about it. And bring some coffee back for me.