Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Route 42 Bus Map

Bear with me on the recent map craze. I was a cartographer in a past life. Also, I've been wanting to install maps on the blog since day one and I guess I get to do it all in one fell swoop... I've gotten a few comments, so keep the suggestions coming. I will post all of the revised maps soon with permanent links on the homepage.

This map shows the actual route of Metrobus' 42 bus. The route begins in Mount Pleasant at the intersection of Lamont Street and Mt Pleasant Street NW. The route follows a curve-like path through Adams Morgan, Kalorama, Dupont, Farragut, White House, Metro Center and ends in Chinatown. After leaving Mt Pleasant, the 42 travels west along Columbia Road until reaching Connecticut Avenue, heading south. The route travels around Dupont Circle and rumbles past Farragut Sqaure before turning east on H Street past Lafayette Park, New York Ave Presby Church and finally turns right, southbound on 9th Street.

No other bus can take you to falafel joints, Ethiopian goodness, empanadas, the dentist, a stroll at the White House, bike messenger hang-outs, Abe Lincoln's church, Steven Colbert's Portrait, world famous hotels, and several of the city's most desirable neighborhoods. A nice slice of the city...