Monday, July 21, 2008

Pete's Apizza

I still don't know what New Haven style pizza is! Ha, but Pete's was great, so it doesn't matter. We rather liked this place.

The new pizza kid on the block delivered (no pun intended) exactly what we needed on a lovely Friday evening. We heard that Pete's was serving vegan pizzas. It's true! Some people prefer the vegan cheese, which Pete's now carries; I'd rather get a pie with no cheese and lots of veggies accompanied by a great sauce. Pete's provided that, all within a friendly, unique atmosphere.

Pete's New Haven Style Pizza is close to Mt Pleasant, directly atop the Columbia Heights Metro Stop at the SW corner of 14th and Irving Streets NW. Its in the Highland Park Apartment Building between Potbelly and Five Guys. The restaurant is tiny. They do pack the seats in, including multiple community tables (à la The Heights) and limited outside seating. There is no traditional table service. You order in line, as if you were in a to-go pizza place, but the staff will bring your drinks and entrees to your table. No need to listen up for a number or stand around waiting for your order. Seemed fairly efficient.

The pie was pretty good as well. We split the pizza, one side with vegan cheese, the other without. Again, I don't like the fake stuff, but the others in our group (also vegans) gave the thumbs up. I thought the regular no-cheese portion was very satisfying. The toppings were peppers (grilled fresh in the kitchen) and onions, pretty simple. We did pay extra for the vegan cheese ($4.00 per pizza/$2.00 for half) and the the toppings, at $2.00 a piece, put the total for the pizza at $24.00. That's a little more than I wanted to pay for an 18" pizza pie, but again, the quality and service were there, so my wallet took one for the team. Not sure if Pete's could be an every day pizza place for me; my local favorites are Mount Peasant's own Radius, and Red Rocks, in Columbia Heights. Next time I'd like to try some of the other foods, namely the pasta. Seems they should have some vegan friendly pasta options, seeing that I lived off the stuff for nearly 10 years. Make sure to go this this summer, they have one of my favorite beers on tap, Victory Prima Pils. And until July 31, get a happy hour pint of Pils and a slice for only $5.00. Goodness, doesn't really get any better than a tall glass of Pils and a good pizza pie on the patio, watching the buzz of the CH streets on a warm summer evening.