Friday, September 12, 2008

Get Excited! 30th Adams Morgan Day This Weekend!

The festivals season has started! Adams Morgan's lively and crowded festival is this weekend! Its the 30th iteration of this extremely popular wind down to summer. Turn off the election talk, skip church or temple or whatever, sleep in, then throw on some clothes and walk on over to 18th and Columbia. Don't drive, you'll never find a space. Take Metro or the 42 bus if you are a distance away. 18th Street will be closed to vehicle traffic from Columbia Road all the way down to Florida Ave.

The festival is not all corn dogs and face painting. Its fairly organized. There are 3 musics stages with a new jazz only stage at Kalorama Park (Belmont and Columbia). There is a dance stage (watch OR learn to dance!) at Unity Park (Euclid and Columbia), and kid-focused puppet and musics shows at Marie Reed. Expect food and drink specials from all the usual suspects, but prohibitions on public drinking are still enforced, so don't be stupid!

Luckily the white hat crowd mostly stays away, or maybe the natural douche factor is lower on Sundays. Mostly everyone is in a great mood and there's about half the regular amount of street harassment. The non profits and community groups from our neighborhoods will be out in full force looking for volunteers and giving out free stuff. Expect a few politicians as well, so maybe getting away from that poli talk won't be so easy. Anyway go forth and enjoy! Maybe I'll see you there! A few photos from last year...