Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Constitution Day!

"We the People" is still relevant 221 years after 39 delegates from 12 states signed the Constitution, helping to create the supreme law of the land. The Constitution survives today within its original structure, albeit with many important and crucial changes via amendments. The three branches often struggle with defining its meaning, enforcing its statues and interpreting modern conventions against such a basic, but complex document. Dozens of other constitutions from around the world are modeled after ours.

Today, remember not only the sacrifice that went onto creating the Constitution, but the sacrifice of those who continue to test and define the document each day. The real American heroes are those who challenge convention and law in an effort to make the Constitution real and fulfill its full potential.

Try these activities out sometime this week:

*Go see it! One of the original copies on permanent view at the National Archives
*Stroll through Constitution Gardens on the Mall (near Vietnam Veterans Memorial)
*Visit the DC resting places of two of the signers; Abraham Baldwin @ Rock Creek Cemetery and Elbridge Gerry @ Congressional Cemetery
*Read the thing! It's short and you can get a wallet sized copy here
*Check out the National Constitution Center; its in Phila, but he website is a great resource as well
*Tell someone who doesn't know about our lack of real Congressional representation